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Cutting the cord and having no monthly bill. Most of our customers use an Over the air Antenna for Free Local LIVE Tv programming networks like CBC, TVO , CityTV, CTV, Global, the Omni's, CHCH, PBS, Fox, NBC, ABC, CBS ect in HD. This is great and its absolutely free. Coupled with a decent streaming box, you will get unlimited movies selections, Major TV shows, Series and some sports.

So you have your local programming for FREE now its time to sit down and watch a movie or watch a series or show. So much TV but no local LIVE TV with streaming. You don't need to pay netflix or pay to watch what they offer get a streaming TV box a bag of chips or some popcorn and bring your TV to life!

There are so many choices of Streaming TV boxes out there in the market, Streaming with KODI preloaded gives you all the TV entertainment you can ask for and the abilty not to miss a subscribed service.  A good streaming box with a responsive remote control with smooth operation, easy to use, stable enviornment with good processor and good graphics and video processor. We have tested so many and there is so much junk out there. We favour by far the G-box Q2, it feels like an apple TV, built for TV HD, 4K, and very impressive specs. We also carry the Mygica ATV 586 because it has an ATSC tuner for older HD Ready TV's and projection TV's giving you a streaming TV media centre and ATSC tuner! If you want the best Streaming TV Media Center then the G-Box Q2 (GBOX) makes you forget everything you think or know about streaming devices. This one is by far the best streaming TV box on the market today!

Streaming Media TV boxes that we offer at Save And Replay
G-Box (Gbox) Q2 Media Center MyGica ATV586
Matricom G-Box Q2 media centre
Matricom G-Box Q2 is the latest version of their G-Box with the best processor, responsive remote , Quick interface, Fully loaded with Kodi, and 4K TV Processor. If streaming is the way you want to go then G-Box Q2 blows all the competition to pieces.
Matricom G-Box Q2 best graphics chip stable Kodi enviornment and responsive remote
MyGica ATV586 Media streaming box with ATSC tuner
MyGica fairly good streaming Box with a bonus that it has an ATSC tuner so if you have a HD Ready HD TV or projector with no ATSC tuner then you get a streaming TV box and an ATSC tuner for your TV!
MyGica ATV586 streaming TV HD Box

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